Monday, February 28, 2005

Welcome (oh what a boring title!)

I've been meaning to start a blog as early as August last year, when I started writing for the Pisay 98 blog during the Volleyball tournament. Procrastination got the better of me, and it is only now (with enough prodding from my good friends pat and chico) that I am starting my own blog. This has been further delayed as I have have been meaning to launch this blog on my birthday.

In giving my blog an identity, the first thing that came to mind was a reference to my gameshow days. I thought that a blog entitled "Who wants to be the weakest link?" would stir enough interest to those who remembered. But clearly, I should get over my days as a gameshow contestant.

Though my blog would contain mostly my random thoughts, I figured that I could use it to inform my friends/fellow bloggers about one of my passions/interests. Ergonomics is a field of Industrial Engineering that focuses on the human aspect of various (everyday) systems. Derived from the Greek words
ergon (work and effort) and nomos (law or surroundings). Fit the task to the worker (human), and not the other way around. Ergonomics isn't techie stuff. You have to deal with it in your daily grind. How many times have you noticed yourself stooping down just to get a more comfortable view of your PC monitor? Do you think the MRT handrail is too high for you? How about that pain in your neck and wrist after playing 6 hours of DotA? (ok, so I'm speaking from experience...)

Ergonomics is a word you usually associate with chairs, tables, and other office equipment. Well, believe it or not, most "ergonomic" equipment are not actually ergonomic. More on this as we go along...

what?! an "ergonomic" toilet?

the usual ergonomic keyboard