Sunday, February 25, 2007

Eight Months

Yes, it's been eight months since my last post. Around that time, my white Macbook was spanking brand new, and I had a full year to finish my thesis...

Fast forward to February 2007:
- I sold my white Macbook and replaced her with Cara, a black Macbook
- I have less than a month to finish my thesis (or else!)

I won't even try to recall (in chronological order) the events that transpired in the last few months but I'll just make a list of some of the interesting (and not so interesting) things that I missed blogging about...

Feb was a busy month...

Feb 1: I left for a long planned trip to Macau and Hong Kong. Got a few pics to share too... Shenzhen and Dongguan where unplanned stops in the trip. Unplanned, but very welcome.

Feb. 6: The winds (with the help of an A320 aircraft) brought me to the Queen City of the South, this time for a seminar on Ergonomics for a multinational watch company. I extended a few days (Until Feb 11) so I could relax a bit. This one deserves another post...

Feb 15: Off to the pristine beaches of Boracay Island. Along with my sister and my friends and a faculty member in Eng'g (I'll ask for permission before naming her), we stayed 3 days in Boracay Terraces, one of the best places to stay in the island. This definitely deserves a post or two...

Also, met with the gang for a movie (from what I heard, we bought tickets to see Ghost Rider and wound up seeing a poor man's version of Narnia) and played a bit of Dota after (meaning, well into the morning)... It was Team Sentra versus Team City again and Team City won a "borrowed" victory, 2-1. Hmmm, I also heard that Nikki thought that I was pretty good, though he hates to admit it. If you ask Chico, praktisado lang daw ako...

Reunions and Parties

The holidays went by really fast. I went to a couple of parties. Party at Chico and Pat's new place was fun, and I think it was the first time Sam and Tesla interacted. I also went to the IEC 98's Christmas bash at Bikka's place. In the IE Department's Christmas party, Sir EGA showed us the Mentos-Coke trick. If I still have the video, I'll upload it to YouTube.

Doc Muriel and the Bagwis gang also had a reunion. Unfortunately, I lost all the pics I took that night, but it was fun seeing Doc and the Doctora again.

Also, after a long time, i got to meet up with my friends from PIQC. We had a reunion in Chilli's and we also had some teachers there too. One of them is my kumare.

Recently, got to meet up with Chester Sy. My, he hasn't changed a bit. Thought he'd be all American Pie-ish. But, I think that's a good thing kasi it seems that parang kailan lang kami hindi nagkita...


For what it seemed like only a while ago, Pat and Chicks celebrated one year of marriage na, and in a month's time, it's Tesla's turn to turn one.

A very good friend from college, Katy Tan, is getting married! I dunno if I'm at liberty to post details. Congrats Katy and Mike!

Also congrats to Frank and Ria Guevarra! I hope mapaparami niyo ang matatalino sa mundo! :D

Hmm, sounds like a tidbit lang. If I forgot anything, feel free to post it here... I will start posting within this week...

Coming up:

IE Department Planning Session (yun nga ba ang tawag?): Feb 28 @ SF, Pampanga
Last day of classes: Mar 21
Finish thesis: Mar 31 (duh?)

Jonas, Jason Gonzales; Julian: Mar 4
Erika Oberio: Mar 5
Joyce: Mar 12
Katy Tan: Mar 19
Lenard: Mar 26

It's nice to be back...