Monday, March 26, 2007

A Weekend of Celebrations, and then some

March has always been full of celebrations, especially graduations. This weekend was no exception.

Friday, 21st: Mark Monserrate celebrated his 25th birthday (actually last Wednesday) and the party was quite far from the house, around a couple of hundred... steps away! As expected, a few drinks, lots of pulutan, and a ton of stories. I got together with some of our former and current neighbors and his HS friends.

Saturday, 22nd: (Niccola) Tesla Manasan celebrated her 1st birthday at the sumptuous Luk Foo Cantonese Garden in Commonwealth Avenue. The usual kwento & lots of duck were the main courses. In attendance were Jon, Alekos, Jam, Oli, Ruben & Hiyas, and Mark & Hannah. Of course, the Gamises brought Sam...

Sam and I enjoy a moment

Jam got a group pic and I'm still waiting for it in the email.

Sunday, 25th: Off to Don Henrico's West Avenue for the baptismal party of Alfonso Miguel D. Guererro, son of Mylai Dimaculangan (Camia, Gluon'98). I was expecting some more Pisay batchmates, instead, we had a mini-Gluon reunion (sans Buan & Amado)... Hmm, whatever happened to those two anyway? Well, as most of my friends say, I should know (of all people)...

Gluon gang with their newest member

Don't forget to visit my Picasa site to see other pictures... :D

Monday, 26th: Birthday party (9th) of Bea Martinez, daughter of Prof. Iris Martinez. Was treated to a sumptuous meal of lasagna, chicken pastel, roast beef and potato salad. Yum...
I was there with Dean Ega and Mickey Mancenido.


On a slightly unrelated note, do we have an updated list of couples from Pisay and IE'98? I doubt such a list exists. If it did, then I'd easily answer everyone's questions about everyone else. Now, I'm trying to attempt to make this list (and I'm soliciting help from everyone to try and fill this up).

Well, I noticed (for a while now) that it seems that no IE'98 couple remained intact after our graduation. In fact, to put it as a stretch, most of the couples we know in IE (even if they had a relationship with someone not from IE) are no longer couples today*. Therefore, there's none to enumerate. Also, few IE'98 people read my blog anyway...

On the other hand, Pisay couples have enjoyed some success at relationships. Here are some of the Pisay success stories...

Pat and Chicks Manasan - Been married for a year and a half now and Tesla is as cute as the day she was born. Of course they're at the top of my list since I was the best man at their wedding.

Hannah and Mark Gamis - Has been married longer and has an adorable son in Sam (see pic above). Them and the Manasan's are actually Physics couples. Let's say they mastered the concepts of friction and attractive forces.

Ria and Frank Guevarra - recently married (January) and are expecting their first-born.

Dyan and Gary de Guzman - has also been married for some time now and they seem to be as happy as ever.

Andrea and Ramil Herrera - got married in UP the day we had our Christmas party back in 2005 I think (correct me if I'm wrong).

Elena Dacanay and Andrew Pinlac - easily Pisay's most recognizable (yet) unmarried couple, being almost, if not all, Pisay-related events.

Krishna and Darrell Cagalingan - okay, so they're not yet married. They're gonna be, very soon.

Charisse Siapno and Jayrus Soliman - am I allowed to even mention this?!?

So, there's your list. At least, when somebody asks you, "what's new," you can just direct them here. To my (few) readers, if I missed adding a couple, just paste a comment to add them up...

I wonder, may madadagdag pa kaya sa list na ito?

* - I'm not a all-knowing... Someone from IE might still be in a relationship that dates back to college.

PS: Congratulations to Faye and Herbie. I heard they're getting married soon!