Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hello I'm a Mac, and You're likely a PC

Yes, it seems 9 out of ten computer users operate Windows PC's*...

Even though I suffered some recent data loss, I'm still proud to be a Mac user. Actually, I'm treating it as a blessing in disguise since I got to upgrade for free (from 1.83 GHz to 2.0 GHz, from combo to super drive, and from white to black...)

However, the best page in the universe** has something else to say...

I'm sure you've seen the Apple ads, and the corresponding parodies (e.g., Christian vs. Christ-follower). I'm in UP now so I can't furnish the link, but if you have time, go to YouTube and search for Mac vs. PC ad parodies. There's one there that has a third player (Linux) referred to as something I'd rather not post here. I'll update this post when I get home later.

* - estimated statistic
** - thanks to Jem's WTF list