Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm not dead

Ok, so it's been almost two months since my last post. A lot has been happening lately. Consider yourself lucky you're reading this...

The main highlight for the month of has got to be the wedding of the decade. Pat and Chico's wedding was a successful bash (If I say so myself). The Best Man did a great job... oops ako pala ito. Well, all I really did was arrive very early at the bride's house (since the groom was busy confessing whatever) and then later on that day spoke of some funny, skewy, detailed anecdotes about my long affair with the bride and groom. I must admit a part of that speech was googled (gasp!) but the greater part of that speech came from the heart and I know the couple is very well aware of that. Of course, what would a wedding be without a wild bachelor's party?? Well, it wasn't exactly wild (Happened the week before the big day). We just drank a few beers and and shared funny/gross stories.

October 15, Oliver invited us to his newly built swank place smack right beside their old house. Of course, visions of Oli growing old with his brood of kids beside his parents' house is a mighty sight to behold. Overall a nice place, so nice it's gonna be the venue of our annual Christmas party. I remember the last one, conversations till the wee hours of the morning... without any alcohol. Of course, this year promises to be different with everything we've planned.

October also marks the frenzy of 1st sem grade submission. This is without a doubt my most pasaway sem, submitting grades a day late (gasp! again!). A funny anecdote could be told about our Chairman receiving a memo for late grades. She snickered at me, to which a replied with a wry smile. Shock overcame her upon reading HER name on the memo, and not mine.

Novermber (and late October) gave me a time for a short breather. However, unlike in previous terms, I didn't find the sembreak to be quite relaxing. I didn't actually have to go to a spa.

The start of classes have been a regular November thing for me (since I was a student in UP). Its quite different when you're on the other side of the fence. Teachers have to prepare more at the start (and the trend of preparation reverses significantly come finals time).

A whole lot is scheduled and slated for the coming weeks. Today marks the start of the 23rd SEA Games. Two good friends are competing for the country and from what I hear (and read), they're shoo-ins for the gold. Mickey (fencing, team foil and team epee, I think) and Sandra (triathlon), good luck and go for the gold (so cliche). In other matters, the usual end of the year signals the start of planning for next year. Being in some position (not necessarily of authority) I'm doing some planning myself. It's on top of teaching kids what happens when we reject the hypothesis and it turns out to be true.

Come December, it will be fast and furious. By Friday, I'll finally have a taste of The Mango Tree, Jonas' latest baby. With a sisig that's to die for (no pun intended, I hope), I can't wait to stretch my taste buds in Iloilo. Less than two weeks of classes, then the break. IE Club will be gunning for its 6th consecutive EWOC. Its likely they'll repeat. Balita ko ang pogi and charming nung adviser nila. Eng'g faculty and staff will also enjoy their own version of Eng'g Week albeit capped by a feast that's enough to feed half of the acad oval.

A couple of Christmas parties with friends are also scheduled. Regi should take care of us from IEC '98/'03. I'm looking forward to a reunion with some PIQC friends. Oh yeah, my only godchild's birthday is on December 19. Lucky ninong.

My thesis docket has been empty for quite some time. High time to get rolling on it.

No pics of my throat getting slashed or me hitching a ride in the wonderful roads of Oahu for now. Just a short update, much like CNN's breaking news. Nothing sensational.