Monday, March 12, 2007

Another 300 movie review...

Last weekend, the gang watched 300 in Shangri-La. While we were used to catching either the last or second to the last screening, we ended up meeting at 11 AM and catching the first screening.

The movie is rated R-13 which seems to be a variant/combo of the R-18 and PG-13. While buying our tickets (pleasantly surprised to see Rheanna Go behind the counter), a group of kids were scrambling to buy tickets. I wonder how they passed the age requirement...

Personally, I think the movie started out slowly but there was action all throughout. It's definitely one of those testosterone-filled flicks that should be watched on the big screen...

The movie is based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller. The reason I'm telling this (considering that everyone who reads my blog knows the fact) is because of a particular quote from a New York Times review...

(Movie Director) Snyder is something of a dork. Only a dork--the finest, most discriminating of dorks--would have read 300 in the first place.

Tamaan na ang dapat tamaan... ;)

(Leks, this is your cue!! Three days na nakapost ito hindi ka pa nagrereact... I had to change the post title in deference to his intellectual ownership of the phrase Rated R for raaaarr...)

Rating: 4/5 whiteboard markers

Happy Birthday Joyce! Quarter-life na, if you expect to live to a hundred! ;)

Incidentally, leonidas is indeed a brand of chocolate