Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ten things I know about me (that I'd like people to know.. that's why I'm blogging about it)

For posting my incriminating picture during the Eng'g Recog, I'm writing this blog entry Ji...
(FYI di ko pa na-copy)

Here are the rules:

–Then at the end you tag 10 other bloggers to keep the fun going.
– Each blogger must post these rules first.
– Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
– Bloggers who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.
– At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
– Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I love watching TV. Even in the internet era, I stil manage to watch at least 20 hours of TV a week (give or take 5). Recently, I managed to merge net surfing and TV by just downloading the shows I watch. Some of the shows/channels I watch are:

Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, South Park, Simpsons, Greek, Gossip Girl (guilty pleasure), Avatar, Kyle XY, My Name is Earl, Heroes, Prison Break, The Office (US), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Ugly Betty, Chuck

I also watch a lot of CNN, ANC, Fox News (Destiny only haha!).

2. I am vigorously interested in US politics. Even before the Barack-Hillary hoopla, I was intimately following the stuff that goes on there. I always say, I know it doesn't count, but I know it matters. I can easily say I'm a better US political analyst than anyone who's been on TV here doing that. Haha. In fact, I even play a game called President Forever.

3. Speaking of games, I play DoTA a lot.

4. I'm currently an Instructor at the IE/OR Department of UP Diliman. IE/OR stands for Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. I'm on my fifth year of teaching. That's the reason why I wrote "Teachers have the write stuff" on my banner.

5. My first blog is entitled "The Ergonomic Quotient". For lack of a better title, I decided that I incorporate my field of interest (Ergonomics) and the word EQ since I just saw an infant formula commercial.

6. I have five siblings and I'm the youngest. Four studied in UST and two of us went to UP. Two are abroad now. Leslie is married in France while Lenard is (soon to be married) in Japan.

7. I was named after two people. Ronald after Pres. Reagan (whose politics I don't like) who recently got inaugurated when I was born and Aaron after (yep, you guessed it!) Elvis Aron Presley. The added A is for Christian name purposes (Aaron guy in the Bible). Brother Lenard also has an Aaron. Sister Priscilla was named after Elvis' slutty wife (hahaha!).

8. I went to Pisay for high school. It's where geeks are cool but some people are still considered nerds. Apparently, the stipends haven't changed since I was there (AY 1997-1998). I also went to the following schools: D. Tuazon Elementary school (2 years). PIQC (5 years), UPLB (2 years). After learning that I qualified for BS IE in UP Diliman, we (a bunch of my HS friends) gave up out slots in UPD to go to UPLB for a program that never really took off. That is a decision I have never regretted.

9. Taking my cue from Ji, I routinely look up (literally) during conversations. It's not because I'm a snob or anything but I have a hard time controlling my eyes (eyeballs in particular). Whenever I wear my contacts, my eyeballs run all over the place. A doctor before has told me that I have weak control over my eye muscles. In short, I can't control it.

10. I love Chinese food and have learned (from experience) that it's actually a dealbreaker for me, kahit cute/maganda pa siya. Define: Dealbreaker - it's a characteristic which, if found in some girl (or boy, whichever applies to you), would instantly turn you off no matter how attracted you were at the start. I thought my deal breakers were just cigarrette smoking and bad legs, now I have to add "does not eat Chinese food" to the list.

Ayan. I'm done.

Tagging (in alphabetical order chosen randomly):

Akemi, sister-in-law to be
Alekos, best vegitarian friend
Andrei, former student
Charlene Tan, future ex-fellow UP slave
Chico, good friend
Franz, former student and student assistant
Jorge, good friend from IE
Juju, Mafia and DoTA friend
Melai, ex-future colleague and friend from IE Dept
Prech/Mispo, sister