Thursday, August 18, 2005

lab exercises and research in ergonomics

One of my tasks in IE 134 (Ergonomics) is to come up with laboratory activities for our new equipment from Vernier (thanks to Angelica of Velca). My students were surprised to note that we were using the same stuff Physics 71.1 and 73.1 (lab courses on Mechanics and Thermodynamics) classes were using.

Most of the exercises I designed were really exercises, as in my students would have to do some sweating to get their project done. Research in this line of ergonomics would be allied with what they're doing down there at the CHK (Human Kinetics). We're trying to look at anthropometry, its applications, and its implications on human performance.

I hope we do some justice for our room's name, the Human Performance Laboratory.


I'm sort of disappointed to note that none of my students decided to conduct research in this field of ergonomics, preferring the safer route of ergonomic evaluation of everyday stuff. At least, there's a saving grace since some students decided to pursue research in the field of industrial ergonomics, or the ergonomics in the workplace. Since the IE program in UP Diliman is really manufacturing/industry oriented, we might as well focus our research in this area. Another area I find interesting is cognitive ergonomics.

More on my Hawaian adventure next week...


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