Wednesday, July 27, 2005

WTF? I'm gone two weeks and Resurrect now costs mana??

Aloha friends!

Yeah it's me. I didn't know the true extent of blog laziness until I saw that my last update was more than three months ago! Anyway I'm back and so so sad to hear that Resurrect now costs mana (now investing in some nulls doesn't sound that stupid). Buti na lang resurrecting one's blog costs much less.

Anyway, enough about dota. Got lots of stories from the Aloha State (yes, Hawaii). I was in Honolulu to attend the 17th Triennial IFORS Conference. Oddly enough, it's not a conference on ergonomics but rather a conference in operations research. But I reassured my boss/thesis adviser that I wouldn't flip flop on my thesis and still do one on ergonomics.

Some basics about Hawaii:
- Temperature is just one degree cooler than here but much less humid (around 60% lang)
- Made up of 8 islands, one of which is also named Hawai'i, erstwhile known as the Big Island; Honolulu is on the main island of Oahu
- A lot of Pinoys there, mostly working in the many hotels and restaurants. Many of them were glad to see another Pinoy, a "tourist" at that
- A lot of ergonomic stuff there (subject of another post)
- Living in Hawaii is so expensive!

Speaking of which, I also suffered from a different kind of lag, that of a "spending lag." When I arrived in Hawaii, I was so stingy with my money, thinking that $6 meals were outrageous. Of course as the days went by, I saw myself paying $6 or $5 per hour for internet and eating at $15 buffet places. When I came back, I was craving for some squidballs so I went out for some. To my surprise, my bill was P50 (with take home to boot!). Wow, less than a dollar, no tip required! When Pat, Chico and I went to dinner at TOSH Friday night, the P200 bill seemed so affordable. BTW, for those who are interested to know, network gaming is a hefty $6 per hour (plus tax!) and their engines are only 512MB RAM (but P-IV naman) compared to the monsters down there at skies! My cheapest meal (other than breakfast because I ate cup noodles and burritos for bfast) was a $4 6" sub at subway.

So, with this, I'd like to announce that I'm back. Some posts to look forward to in my blog:
- Conference report (which includes a couple of cut sessions) - could be boring if done wrong
- Ergo stuff in Hawaii
- North Shore adventure (where Blue Crush was shot)
- "Wild" girls of Waikiki
- Personalities I met

I learned that you shouldn't put one post after the other because the other one won't be read. Also, this should give me some stuff to write...

Aloha! Aloha all!