Monday, September 08, 2008

Coming Home, Successfully

Last Saturday, Pisay held its annual Alumni Homecoming and 2008 was our batch's 10th year anniversary. As such, we were one of the Jubilarian Celebrants. I had the privilege of serving in the Homecoming Committee and I got to meet a lot of very interesting people from other batches such as:

Gina and Yto Eubanas '83: for future plastic surgery and catering needs
'83 people such as the C/Karens, Gladys and Lilli Ann
Ana Chupungco, who relishes the thought of not being addressed Ma'am
Corey '93, who brought an interesting side to the HC meetings

and a bunch of others.

Of course, our batch got together again and the attendance during the night was impressive (we were almost equal the Silver Jubilarians).

While most of us have grown up, gained weight, got married, etc., we still shared the same silly stories like high school crushes, caf food, dorm life (for dormers), waiting in the front lobby (for us externs) and others. We also all wondered where in the world is Amado Villavicencio, Robert Umail and Orlando Liwag. We also celebrated our batch's ability to in-breed.

They say the best friends you can have in your life, you get during high school. Amen to that.

P.S. My career as a pimp began and ended that night.