Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Saturday Splash Adventure

E L P !

would be a more appropriate title for this post, as this is probably the quote of the day (heck, this early, even for 2005!).

The day started out pretty well for most of us. This outing yet again serves as a reminder to set a meeting time one hour earlier than planned. For example, if you want to leave at 8 AM, set a meeting time of 7 AM, which was what exactly happened.

Jam pretty much talked about most of the
day's happenings therefore i'm gonna go behind the scenes.

After leaving UP at 8 AM, we went to Shell and met with the rest of the gang. Frank, Ria and Jasmin (belated!!) went to Jam's place.

TIP to the next batch of Splash goers (which would probably be us again): Make sure Jam and some other guys be some sort of advanced party to reserve cabanas because it was really hard to get those shaded areas.

FIRST STOP: Wave pool. Though we have a theory on why gerls take so much time to change, it's still a "robert umali" to us. I think it was Frank who first remarked that: "Nakakapagod naman ito, mag-lunch na tayo." Yes, dito rin naganap ang makasaysayang "help" ni Oliver. Jam said it best when he said that he finds it hard to believe that some mammals could possibly drown... The lifeguard couldn't drag Oli all the way to the shore so he just left him there in the shallower part of the pool "to dry", so to speak.

NEXT STOP: Lazy river. Dito kami nang-bubully ng mga bata just to get inflatable tubes (joking here...). The fun thing about Splash... You can be so lazy that you have to depend on the "Lazy River" to move around the park.

THIRD STOP: Slides!! The supposedly scariest slide will just give you bruises since you won't be using rubber tubes to move down. In the Rio MontaƱosa ride, only three of us would fit in the slide but back then, 4 of us would have fitted. Only 3 with Oli included.

LUNCH!! Much awaited. Literally. After falling in line for 30-45 minutes, the phrase that met our order was "Sir, around 30-45 minutes pa po, pero pwedeng mapadali..." Lunch courtesy of Chico "The Man" Asan.

AFTER LUNCH: Another round of sliding! Most thrilling ride is the big bamboo but done in reverse!! Yahoo!! Jon was too scared to try it though...

Voice over the PA System (restated in the best manner I could remember):
"Splash Island is open from 9 AM to 5 PM. We would like to inform you that all attractions are now closed. You may proceed to the changing area to avoid the rush. Thank you for coming... for a splashing good time..."

As a nightcap (or at least we thought it was), we went to Rico's to celebrate his graduation (again, congrats pare! you finally made it!). It also served as a belated party for the rest of the April Boys. The food was great (pork BBQ was the bomb), alcohol was overflowing (so overflowing, hindi naubos), and the conversations were the usual fun talk about lots of stuff. Maraming napagusapan but I would not rather publish it here, for fear of slander (btw, is slander necessarily false?). Hehehe. Jae also shared some pics of his fictional (no pun intended) GF. I was just wondering whether he had Angel pics in that skimpy red costume...

Ask me personally if you wanna get some of the juicier details... I actually can't wait until the next LB and frends parteh...

We left Rico's at around 12 MN to go to Bluskies and there was the real nightcap. A 5v5 game of DotA. New recruit Aidz "Japogs" Angeles didn't get owned that much as expected of a newb (or noob as I've recently learned). Overall, it would have to be one of the, if not the best DotA game I've ever been a part of.

My day ended at around 8 AM sunday, after a nice breakfast at the Manasan residence and a lengthy, hot bath at home...

H E L P !

The much awaited...

Quoting from my previous post about a month ago...

Watch out for Part II, which will talk about what happened after the play.

I must have left everyone hanging (including myself). Now a lot of people are asking for the part deux. Well, here's the short version (since this is already stale news).

After the play, the gang went to eastwood to partake on some pizza. Succumbing to peer pressure, Joyce paid for the bill (since it was her birthday). And in a gesture that would make any penny pincher proud, Jonas made a masterstroke and offered to pay for half of the bill (reminding us that it WAS his birthday a week ago). Oh well, we enjoyed the pizza.

And, did I mention Jam brought a date.

Arriving at UP, we were informed that Faye G. (and her date) were having cake at Choc Kiss. We decided to follow them there and finish up what we started at eastwood. The piano music in the background reminded us that we were with Oliver (not that his presence would go unnoticed). With some minor prodding, we eventually succeeded in convincing Oli to play the piano. Of course, Jon needed no such prodding to sing... Somehow, for a moment, the usually chic Choc Kiss turned jologs.

A wonderful nightcap could have been:
a. joining what's left at pisay (Yes, I just recently learned that Christy dG is a DJ!)
b. drinks and conversation at City Jam Bar along Katipunan (shameless plug!)
c. DotA until dawn!

Ano kaya ang napili namin? By now, alam na natin ngayon kung sinong mga addict sa DotA...