Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pisay Homecoming - UPDATES

Hey guys! Last Saturday, I attended a meeting of the Homecoming Jubilarians. I have a few updates that need our immediate attention:


The movie screening is slated for April 30, 2008 @ SM Megamall Cinema 1. The tickets are priced at P350 pesos. Think of it as an additional contribution on top of the P1,000 since the tickets are obviously overpriced. However, there are a few freebies on that day such as Fit 'N Rite juices and chips (so, no more need for popcorn!) and there'll also be a few other giveaways and (possibly) a raffle. Guys, I was assigned SIX tickets only. I hope you can buy a few from me. Also, for those who will attend, an additional perk is also given. See next item.

FYI: Ticket remittance deadline is APR 23 (W)

SUN Cellular Major Sponsorship - Refer Line subscriptions

However, it's not upfront, it's sort of "de-metro" like a taxi. For the first 100 lines, they will give 20k and up to 100k for 500 lines. We need to contribute what we can here by making referrals. You may send referrals (name and contact number) for subcriptions to me. Only one agent (named Rachel) will handle all Pisay related line subscriptions to get the sponsorship. Sun Cellular has seen improved service over the years and they haven't reneged on any of their promos, unlike some greedy telcos. You may view their available plans here. Interesting plans are Plan 350, 999 and 899 (for lovers :D). They also have a plan you can give to your staff/secretaries that has a cap (350 yata) which reverts to prepaid when exceeded (and does not get cut, unlike some telcos I know of!).

As a perk to those who will attend the Iron Man screening, you may send me names (of referrals) and their name will be on a list of pre-approved subscribers. No more need for papers and documents! They're also working on the part to reduce the lock-in period for the nice Nokia 2630 handsets from 30 to the usual 24 months.

Looking for scriptwriters, segment producers, director for the Homecoming program

This is pretty much straightforward. They want to have, as much as possible, homegrown (read: libre) talent to be working on the show. They might be other forms of compensation like a box of shampoo and maybe free entrance *LoL* but I guess they will revert to looking for pro's when there are no takers.

Contribution of the Jubilarians

As mentioned waaay back after the first meeting, we're required to give a contribution to the jubilarian batch. The agreed amount was P50K. The first tranche of the 50K will be given on the next meeting (half). Apparently, from the last meeting, they agreed to give supposedly last meeting. Wala namang nagdala! *LoL*

I hope the P1k contributions can help here...

The jubilarians have promised that they will return unused money if the solicitations go well (so far, it's a roomful of shampoo, 100 boxes of juice, a ton of chips, and lots of aloe vera cream). Yet, we have committed to that 50k as mentioned before.


To Toff and Becca, what's our promotion plan? I'll be given most info in a while (maybe by this week). We might have to try and use free press releases for this. We can have a budget but we have to completely outline what we need and present it to the meeting.


May 2 is the Pisay golf tee-off with the RP National Team and Coach Bong Lopez. For golf enthusiasts, you may contact me or Batch '83 if you wanna play.

The other sports will happen after the golf because harassed na daw yung '83 team with planning the golf event. Other sports include basketball, volleyball, badminton, bowling and others.

I hope you guys post your comments here or reply via the mailing list.

Regards to all!