Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm Back...

to school! I can feel the glee and excitement of my eight readers right now...

Yep, it's June once again and the school year is about to start. I had one of the weirdest summers of my adult life. It was almost two months of bum-ness and now I'm ready to buckle down to work, harnessing the minds of youngsters in the field of Industrial Engineering.

This school year will be different than the past four years. My adviser, de facto parent/guardian and boss Ma'am Aura will be taking a sabbatical to write a book on Methods Engineering to be published by John Wiley. Three of my colleagues, Sir Erick, Norman and Melai, are leaving the department for greener pastures. The surprise of the school year however was the sudden decision of Jonas to join the faculty. He'll be joined by "Sir" Rex and Lo. Jon will be teaching IE 153 which I handled last year. Too bad for him, my hard drive crashed last February and thus, I lost my slides (which were in Keynote anyway). Long lost friend Chester Sy is also joining the ChE department.

What I'm excited about is that I'm again in-charge of the Ergonomics class (which I like way better than the Feasibility class) and I'm also handling the one-unit freshman IE class (IE 10). So right now, one day before classes, I'm trying to prepare a syllabus for the IE 10 class tomorrow.

I resolve to blog every week at least on what transpires from my ergonomics class. First day's on Thursday.

Movie to see list:
Pirates 3 (YES! hindi ko pa napapanood!)
Ocean's 13